Talalay Latex Pillows

At the Talalay Latex Company (TLC) we offer a wide range of latex pillows all designed to provide supportive and really comfortable sleep. We have a pillow to suit all shapes, sizes and sleeping positions, including: -


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TLC is an Australian owned and managed family company based in Melbourne. We love every single product in our extensive latex pillow range and our reason for being is to provide you with sound, healthy sleep. Check out our reviews on Google or Product Review and see for yourself that TLC supplies the best latex pillows in Australia, at extremely competitive prices.

Independent research will show you that a natural latex pillow produced via the Talalay process is universally recognized as the ultimate in providing comfort and support to your head, neck, and shoulders while you sleep. Natural latex pillows have holistic health benefits and allow you to breathe comfortably. We strive to provide the highest quality latex pillows in Australia with an option available that will perfectly suit you.

Luxury & Therapeutic Pillows Online

At TLC we care about our customers and do all we can to ensure you end up with the pillow that will best suit you. We appreciate that buying a pillow online isn’t easy, so we bend over backwards to provide the best possible customer service, be it fast and free delivery or graciously accepting the return of any pillow that isn’t perfect for you.

With TLC, customers can confidently buy pillows online knowing ours is the most comprehensive and diverse range of latex pillows available in Australia. Our online portal has all the necessary information regarding latex pillow benefits, and a ‘which pillow to choose’ page to provide more understanding. This will help you to select your perfect pillow. If still unsure, our team is only a phone call away to assist with this – and is always there to help with easy refund or exchange procedures.

Basically, TLC is all about offering the best possible value for money. Our Talalay latex pillows provide perfect support to keep your back, neck, and head in alignment so you can sleep comfortably without pain. Product reviews point to the fact that our pillow quality is at least as good, better even, than luxury brands like Dunlopillo, at lower prices. With a lot more diversity – within our range you can find a firm latex pillow, foam latex pillow, naturelle latex pillow, specialty pillow - whatever suits you in terms of softness, comfort, and support. Our business model is to sell all natural luxury pillows online at best possible prices by keeping overheads to a minimum, not advertising, and minimal use of wasteful packaging.

We at the Talalay Latex Company provide tender loving comfort through our range of beautiful pillows. Our team strives to provide tender loving care through service, value, quality, and integrity.

Yes, at TLC Latex Pillows we stock a variety of pillows to suit all sleeping positions including back, side, and stomach sleepers. Be it contour style, or traditional shape pillows, we offer a range of soft, medium, and firm pillows to choose from, in varying heights, for each different sleep position. All the pillows in our range provide the comfort and support required for a good night’s healthy sleep.

At TLC we specialise in Talalay latex pillows and our entire range is produced via the Talalay process with the exception of 2 styles made from normal latex. If  Talalay, our ‘Low & Firm’ and ‘Low & Firm Therapeutic’ pillows would be too soft and too low to cater for those requiring firm support. The Talalay process results in a superior pillow that is longer lasting, but contains more air and is less dense and softer than normal latex foam. All TLC pillows use 100% natural latex with no fillers or chemical additives.

TLC only uses natural latex for all its pillows

There are two distinctly different types of latex. Natural and synthetic.

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