About Latex Pillows

MOST latex pillows (at least 90%) are produced by the standard, original process. This simply involves mixing the ingredients with a foaming agent and then cooking (vulcanising) to set – similar to baking a cake. There are 1000’s of factories around the world capable of making pillows by this method, developed in the 1920’s by Dunlop (often referred to as the Dunlop process).  

Some 40 years later Leon Talalay patented a new, much more complicated process involving making the pillows in a vacuum and then freezing before vulcanising. The end result is a far superior pillow with a more uniform, open cell structure that allows the pillow to breathe (so it sleeps cool) and is long lasting. Talalay Latex Pillows are 3 times more breathable and 4 times more durable than Dunlop process latex pillows. Talalay pillows simply contain more air – a 1Kg Talalay latex pillow would weigh 1.5Kg if it were produced by the Dunlop process. Because the cost of commissioning a Talalay process plant is so very expensive, there are only 5 factories in the world with this capability. Including ours.

With all of this in mind you can be certain that unless a seller is credible & promotes the fact that their product is TALALAY LATEX then it will be ordinary, standard latex foam.

At TLC, all pillows described as Talalay are guaranteed to be Talalay process latex. Further, ALL our pillows are guaranteed to be 100% natural latex.

  • MOST latex pillows are a blend of up to 70% synthetic latex and only 30% natural latex. Synthetic latex is made from oil derivatives and chemicals. Eco-friendly natural latex is harvested from the sap of rubber trees. Synthetic latex is firm and easy to work with. Natural latex has more elasticity (softer) and requires a lot more TLC during manufacture.
  • MOST latex pillows cost less than $80.00 because they are made from a synthetic latex blend and/or they are not Talalay. Usually only the most premium pillow brands from around the world can afford the luxury of Talalay latex and they have to charge accordingly because of the additional costs of moulds, manufacturing, raw material and packaging. At TLC we use minimal wasteful packaging to reduce our carbon footprint, with the added benefit of lowering cost.  Brands such as RejuveNite, Dentons, Sealy and Dunlopillo all use the Talalay process and their pillows range in price from $120 - $240. Ours are much less expensive because we only sell pillows online.
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