About Us

The Talalay Latex Company (TLC) is an Australian family business, based in Melbourne. We are all about good quality, natural and healthy pillows and bedding accessories, designed to provide a great night’s sleep.

Our core range comprises natural Talalay Latex pillows (the best latex pillows in the world) and associated luxury bedding products. We stand for quality first – and then, value.  Our aim is to provide the most perfect product possible at affordable prices.  Our prices are low because we only sell through the web, import directly from overseas partner factories and use a minimum of expensive and wasteful packaging.

With 45 years of experience in clothing, textiles and bedding, we specialise in ALL NATURAL products and offer the broadest range of natural Talalay latex pillows in Australia. We have a latex pillow to suit almost everybody - from tiny tots to senior citizens and everyone inbetween. 

We have travelled the world learning about the different types of latex, manufacturing processes and best sources of supply; visiting rubber plantations and factories along the way. Talalay technology is the most advanced and sophisticated. There are only 5 factories with Talalay processessing capability in the entire world - 3 in China, 1 in the USA and 1 in Belgium. The best quality natural latex we use is grown in Malaysia and shipped in liquid form to our partner factory in China. Commissioned in 2008, our factory is one of the newest and we believe it is the best. The feedback and reviews we receive from customers supports this. 

At TLC we know our reputation rests on providing top quality and impeccable customer service.  We practice 100% quality control.  Every single item is carefully checked to ensure it conforms to our strict quality standards, before leaving our Melbourne warehouse.

We put all our loving care into making sure all our pillows really are the very best that money can buy.