Why do most people change pillows as often as we change prime ministers?

Why do most people change pillows as often as we change prime ministers?

Because Australians are barking mad is why .......

Not all of us, just most. Most politicians in Australia are so crazy that they knowingly ditch their leader while in office in the full knowledge that doing so will most certainly lead to the horror of sitting on the opposition benches following the next election. “Oh dear, what happened, woe is us, where did all the power go”? And it’s been going on forever (Wycliffe Bible 1382, Job 10:15 “Woe unto me”). In the last 15 years this has happened 7 times – Little Johnny, Kevin 07, Julia, Kev 2, The Mad Monk, Mr Harbourside Mansion  and now Scomo (at time of writing).

So what’s that got to do with pillows then?

Well most pillows purchased in Australia are fibre filled and not only do they quickly lose height and fluffiness but are also breeding grounds for a cesspool of nasties. A fibre fill pillow subjected to a few gallons of sweat over 3 years will see one third of its weigh consisting mostly of fungal spores, dust mites and their faeces, bacteria, saliva, mold, dead skin and mildew.

We aren’t making this up – heaps of research has been done. Google up Professor Ashley Woodcock OBE, MD, BSc, Mb, ChP, FRCP, FERS from University Hospital Manchester and see what he has to say on the subject. He is a lung specialist and knows only too well what problems fibre fill pillows can cause to health – especially to allergy sufferers.

The largest fibre fill pillow manufacturer in Australia (Tontine) even started putting use by dates on their pillows advising customers to change them after 3 years. Talk about built in obsolescence!

Sure you can wash them, but the loft in the fibre never recovers and the pillow gets steadily lower and lumpier. So before Morrison has seen out the rest of the term disgruntled sleepers are off to their favourite discount store buying yet another pillow. 6 PM’s in 15 years equals 6 pillows at $20 each - and lots of restless nights along the way.


It really doesn’t have to be like this you know …..

Natural latex pillows are brilliant! They have so much going for them you’d be barking mad to sleep on anything else. Especially if you go the extra step and make sure it is manufactured via the Talalay process. Talalay latex pillows tick every pillow-world box known to man.

They are supremely comfy – pick the right model and its happy nights for ever.

And they do last forever – well, kept out of direct sunlight they will go 15 years without losing height or comfortability. You’d think blind Freddie would see the value in that.

Natural latex is natural! It comes from rubber trees. It is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. Dust mites can’t live in it. It isthe best option for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Inherently the elasticity in rubber pushes up, providing the required support to keep the neck, shoulders and spine in alignment. But Talalay latex is soft, for supreme comfort too.

Only Talalay process latex has an open cell structure that allows the pillow to breathe so it sleeps cool. No more leaking gallons of sweat.

They give you a better night’s sleep! Comfort and support are the key requisites for the deep sleep required for better health and wellbeing.

They can be compressed and are easily transportable. Which is just as well. Once you fall in love with your latex pillow it has to go everywhere with you. You can’t sleep without it.