Caring for your pillow

Because our TLC pillows are all natural latex, they do need just a little bit of TLC in return. Being natural, the pillow is biodegradable and sunlight is its worst enemy. Too much strong exposure and eventually the latex will simply crumble away into dust. The pillow will enjoy regular airing, but keep it away from heat or direct sunlight, even when indoors and enclosed in a pillow case.

Our 100% soft cotton covers have zips and are easily removable for washing. Covers can be machine washed and are best line dryed to minimise shrinkage. Replacing the cover after washing can be tricky in that the rubbery latex does not go in smoothly. In our factory we turn the cover inside out with the zip partially started and roll the cover over the pillow. We recommend the use of an additional pillow protector. Not only will it help protect the pillow from soiling, but it can be washed instead of the cover and is much easier to replace over a covered pillow. 

One of the great benefits of latex is that it is antimicrobial, anti fungal and hypoallergenic. Dust mites, bed bugs and other nasties cannot live in it - so the actual pillow stays fresh and requires very little cleaning. It can be washed, but frequent washing will reduce its life expectancy. Gently sponge or hand wash in warm water (max 40oC) using a mild detergent. Usually it is just the pillow surface that needs to be sponged. Rinse well in cold water and gently squeeze out excess water before drying in warm air - not direct heat or sunlight. It is important to ensure the pillow is completely dry before further use. Do not dry clean or tumble dry.

Your TLC Talalay latex pillow is soft and does not like being involved in pillow fights.