Frequently Asked Questions

Returns Policy

What is your returns policy?

If your item is faulty upon receipt or is not as described, please return it within 7 days and we will gladly exchange the item or refund your credit card. 

If, after sleeping on a pillow for a few nights, you decide it doesn't suit you, we are happy to refund - or exchange it. The time limit for a pillow exchange is 30 days from your order date. 

Unless damaged prior to you receiving them, all items must be returned in the same condition as when received and securely packaged for return via Australia Post.

We do not cover the cost of return postage unless your item is faulty or not as described.

*NOTE: Pillow protectors and pillow cases are non refundable.

Under what circumstances can I return an item?

At TLC we have a very liberal returns policy because we understand how difficult it is to buy through the internet without being able to see or feel the product. It is also important to us that our customers get to love our products as much as we do and occasionally an exchange for something higher, lower, softer or firmer is required to ensure the pillow is ‘just right’ for you. Products can be returned for a refund or exchange for any reason at all – not what you thought it would be, you don’t like it, doesn’t suit, something wrong with it – whatever. We can afford to offer this because all we ever get back are good vibes and hardly any returns. Our return rate would be less than 0.5%.


Who pays return postage?

If there is a product fault or it is not to spec or as described, we will pay the return postage. We pride ourselves on excellent quality checking in the first place and this has never happened! 

If you simply change your mind and want a refund - or would prefer to exchange for a different product, then you pay the return postage. We think this is only fair, given that we provide free postage on the initial transaction.

If you choose to exchange, we pay postage again on the replacement pillow.

What is the process for returning goods?

The first step is to contact us by email ( or phone (0412100587) and let us know what the problem is. We will discuss and agree whether the item is best exchanged or returned for a refund and give you a delivery address for returns. It is that simple. Any exchanges or refunds will be processed same day as the item arrives back at TLC.

Please be assured that returned pillows are never resold. We have so few returns that we use these pillows as samples.

Is there a time limit for returns?

We reckon 20 nights is plenty of time to decide whether you are completely happy with your pillow or quilt. So 30 days from your order date.

What happens to pillows that are returned?

All returned pillows are written off and either used as samples or donated to charity. Under no circumstances are they on-sold to other customers. 

We have a very liberal returns policy because we understand how difficult it can be to choose the pillow that best suits you, without being able to see or feel it prior to purchase. Fortunately very few pillows are returned for exchange - less than 0.5%.

Obviously we don't like getting pillows back and having to write them off, so we do all we can to assist customers in making the most suitable choice to begin with. If in doubt, we are here to help. Please ring Tim on 0412100587 if you would like assistance.


Order and Payment Security

I worry about using my credit card online – is your site secure?

Indeed it is. You have the option of going through Paypal for added peace of mind, but direct use of your credit card is completely safe. We went to great lengths making it so, using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol with the highest possible encryption key length (128 bits). You can see for yourself that as you hit our checkout, the web address becomes ‘https’ which signifies an encrypted, secure site. At the checkout payment stage you will see the familiar SSL padlock and wording.

Can I place my order over the phone?

Certainly you can. Ring 0412100587 with all your details and we will process your order for you and send confirmation by email. However, it does mean you will have to give us your MC or Visa card number, expiry date and CVV number. These are destroyed immediately the order is placed, but for peace of mind most people prefer the total security that comes with placing your order yourself, online.

What payment methods and credit cards do you accept?

We make payment as easy for you as possible. You can pay via Paypal, Afterpay or directly using your credit card. 

For both Paypal and Afterpay you will have to have an existing account with them, or sign up for one when ordering.

If paying directly using your credit card, we accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discovery. At checkout you will be directed to the Paypal portal, where you simply scroll down to 'OR, Pay by Card' and click on that option.

EFT and bank transfer payments can be arranged by special request. Phone 0412100587.


Can I pay via EFT or direct bank transfer?

If you do not wish to use Paypal, Afterpay or a credit card you cannot place orders directly online.

However orders can be manually processed for payment via EFT or direct transfer by special arrangement. Email telling us what you wish to order and we will tell you how to proceed. Or phone Tim from TLC on 0412100587.  

The TLC 5 Year Guarantee

What does a 5 year guarantee mean – what does it actually cover?

With proper care, our latex pillows and down quilts will last for at least 10 years. For latex pillows this particularly means keeping them out of direct sunlight and for all products washing and care instructions must be strictly followed.

Our products are guaranteed to be first quality, as specified - and not fall apart or deteriorate to the extent that they don’t perform satisfactorily or remain fit for purpose for at least 5 years. During this 5 year period any faulty product will be replaced, free of charge.

Normal wear and tear is not covered – for example natural latex will yellow over time, but this will not affect its performance, elasticity and ability to offer proper support.

Any faults or poor workmanship are covered under the guarantee, but if obvious we would generally expect these to be reported within 30 days of purchase.

Odour – latex

Do your latex pillows smell of rubber or chemicals or anything yucky?

The short answer is no.

We know there are latex pillows out in the market that smell strongly of anything ranging from rubber to sweet biscuits to rancid fat to chemicals and this is normally because they haven’t been processed properly after vulcanising or they are made from blends of synthetic latex.

Our pillows are made from natural latex with no chemicals added and to most people they have no odour at all. Years of first hand feedback and research tells us that TLC latex pillows compare extremely favorably to all other pillows available on the market in this regard. Occasionally a very sensitive nose might pick up on a slight rubber smell, similar to latex gloves but it is not offensive and will dissipate with airing.

There have also been rare instances where there has been a 'plastic' type of smell caused by pillows freshly coming out of import cartons that have a polyethylene lining. Again, this will completely disappear with airing, preferably out doors in a breeze, but not in direct sunlight. Sunlight being natural latex's worst enemy.

Shipping, delivery & lead time

How long will it take till I receive my order?

At TLC we pride ourselves on exquisite customer service. Place an order this morning and we will try to ship it this afternoon. Afternoon orders will go out tomorrow morning.

After that we are pretty much in the hands of our friends at Australia Post – who, we have to say, do a pretty good job. We are in Melbourne and most local parcels arrive next day, or the day after. Sydney may take 2, 3 or even 4 days. Country NSW, Brisbane and Adelaide can take between 3 and 5 days depending where you are - New Zealand and far country, WA and NT can take up to a week or more. Australia Post states nationwide parcel deliveries will take between 1 and 7 business days.

At busy times, especially prior to Christmas the whole system becomes swamped and lead times can double, but most of the time deliveries are predictable and reasonably prompt.

For urgent deliveries, there is an EXPRESS POST option available to you at checkout. Normal deliveries are free of charge, but Express Post costs $10. These orders are shipped with priority and depending where in Australia or NZ you live, are normally delivered to you next day.

What do I do if my order doesn’t arrive within a reasonable time?

When parcels are lodged with Australia Post you receive a tracking number and it is easy to check how your order is progressing online. If it appears to be held up, there is a user friendly facility online for you to request an investigation. We are happy to help, if required. Once the parcel is delivered to your nominated address, it becomes your responsibility.

What happens if my parcel gets lost and doesn’t arrive at all?

Don’t worry – you will not lose out. Contact TLC by email or phone and we will take it up with Australia Post. If the parcel proves to have has gone permanently missing in transit we will resend the order to you.

Please note that once your parcel is delivered to your nominated address, it becomes your responsibility.

Likewise, if nobody is home and it is not cosidered safe to leave your parcel a card will be put into your letter box and it is your responsibility to collect the order from your local Post Office.

If I need the order quickly will you send by Express Post?

Yes, of course. At checkout you are given the option of normal post (no charge) or EXPRESS Post. There is an additional $10 charge for Express Post.

These orders are given shipping priority and if ordered in the morning, will almost always go out same day and be delivered to you next day - but could take an extra day during peak demand periods.

80% of Australian and postcodes are deliverable via Express Post. The balance are simply too far away from air freight facilities to make it possible. If your location is isolated, you can check the Australia Post website to see if you are deliverable via Express Post. 



Will you ship overseas to other countries?

As well as anywhere in Australia, we offer free shipping to New Zealand.

For all other countrires, we can supply by special arrangement. Even though Talalay latex pillows are relatively light, they are bulky and so the additional cost is often prohibitive. But even so, we have shipped pillows to many countries including the UK and USA. In particular, our king size pillows are in demand from all over the world.

Prior to ordering, please email (or ring Tim from TLC on +61 412100587), letting us know what you are planning to order and where you want it shipped to. We will then advise how much extra you will have to pay for shipping overseas and, if you wish to go ahead, how to proceed.

Product testing, safety, accreditations and certifications

On your website you make all sorts of claims as to products being all natural, no use of chemicals and production processes. How can I be sure your claims are true and your products are completely safe?

At TLC we are all about good health and well being. Our products are all tested by world’s best practice authorities like SGS and Oeko-Tex and our factories are regularly audited. For all the detail and technical stuff go to our ‘More about Health’ page

Discount codes

How do I obtain a discount code?

From time to time TLC offers promotional discounts to existing customers for the benefit of family and friends. If you have not purchased from us before we will not know your email and so you will not be on our distribution list to receive promo offers.

Where do I apply my discount code?

After adding your item to the cart, the next screen shows a green tick and words confirming the item was added to the cart. Below this you will see this box.

Enter your coupon code if you have one.


Apply Coupon

After applying the code, at the top of the page you will see another green tick and confirmation that the code has been accepted. You then proceed into checkout.

Choosing your pillow

There are a lot of different pillows in your range – which one would suit me best?

Click here ( for help in choosing the pillow that will best suit you.

If still unsure, give us a ring on 0412100587 . We are only too happy to assist you further.

Why are some of your latex pillows shorter than ordinary pillows?

Historically latex pillows were all made in moulds measuring 60 x 40 cm, as against the usual size for a standard fibre fill pillow of about 68 x 40 cm. Originally only the Dunlop manufacturing process was available, which results in a dense, heavy pillow - so they were made smaller to minimise the weight and the nature of latex 'pushing out' and providing excellent support and comfort meant that the size of the end pillow was still perfectly acceptable to consumers. When Leon Talalay developed his greatly improved manufacturing process that resulted in breathable open cell structure pillows that weighed much less, he stayed with the 60 x 40 cm mould size, ostensibly because this is the size customers were now used to for latex pillows - but really because it meant about 10% (expensive) less natural latex was needed. Less than 10 years ago nobody was producing Talalay latex pillows any longer than 60cm., which is still the length of a number of TLC pillows including THE CLASSIC, THE SOFT and THE THERAPEUTIC. However, we have now added a choice of three 70cm long pillows to our range - THE BIG, THE BIGGER and THE BIGGEST. They completely fill a standard pillow case, look really great on the bed, are preferred by pillow huggers - and being Talalay process latex, are still nice and light.