TLC - Guaranteed money back – buyers have nothing to beware!

We can’t absolutely guarantee you will fall in love with your TLC latex pillow from the moment your head hits it - but we are very confident. So much so, we will immediately refund the purchase price of any returns.

The TLC 5 year guarantee.

We guarantee our pillows will perform like new for a minimum of 5 years, under normal conditions and exercising reasonable care. Click here for the 'caring for your pillow' section.

This guarantee covers your pillow against factory defects and loss of performance. Immediately upon receipt of the returned pillow, we will either refund or replace, depending on your preference, by mutual agreement.

Our guarantee is for 5 years, but life expectancy for your TLC pillow is for at least 10 – 15 years. Especially if you reciprocate with the TLC!