• Memory foam on one side & latex on the other – the best of both pillow worlds
  • Memory foam compresses inwards – adjusting to your personal profile
  • A dense, heavy high profile (16cm) pillow suitable to back & side sleepers
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Famously developed by NASA for the comfort of astronauts during space travel, memory foam latex pillows compress inwards to promote proper spinal alignment, moulding to the shape of your head at just the right height for your body shape. This ensures that there are no pressure points and no discomfort while you sleep, regardless of whether you are sleeping on your side, back, or stomach.

At TLC Latex Pillows, we also use natural latex in our memory foam pillows because of its comfortable and supportive elasticity. It pushes outwards with a softness that provides the required support with sublime comfort. Natural latex is also inherently hypoallergenic and stays ‘fresh’, allowing it to resist dust mites as well as mould, mildew and bacteria. These qualities help alleviate asthma and various pulmonary function allergies.

When using a memory foam pillow, we suggest sleeping with the latex side up. This will increase the comfort you experience and can be especially helpful if you suffer allergies. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sleep with the memory foam side up – you should choose whatever you find to be the most comfortable.

On top of these benefits, our memory foam latex pillows have zips for easy washing and are long-lasting. Guaranteed to last 5 years, they feature a greater life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. Despite their high profile of 60cm x 40cm in size, 16cm in height, and 1400 grams in weight, they will compress down to suit any head and body shape.


To find out more about our amazingly comfortable memory foam latex pillows, get in touch with the friendly experts at TLC Latex Pillows today. All of our pillows are covered in beautiful, snow-white, 100% soft cotton interlock. Call us on 0412 100 587 or fill out our convenient online contact form.

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