More about Comfort


You spend an average of 7 hours per day, 49 hours per week, 200 hours per month sleeping. That’s well over 2400 hours per year with your head on your pillow – and a lot more than that if your pillow is uncomfortable and stops you from getting the rest you need.

Tossing and turning reduces blood flow, which limits oxygen to the muscles and tissues. The body compensates by moving. Result - poor quality sleep which leaves you feeling unrested and generally run down.

So what is it about our pillows that give you the comfort you require to get a good night’s sleep?

  • Softness and support. The elasticity that comes from using natural latex rubber and the Talalay process to produce TLC pillows gives both these things. Better than can be achieved using any other process or materials known to man. Our pillow range varies in softness from down-like to reasonably firm, but all are soft enough to be sublimely comfortable. And ALL our natural Talalay latex pillows provide the ultimate in SUPPORT. Maintaining proper spinal alignment throughout the night is critical to achieving better restorative sleep. A good mattress will give support to the mid and lower back, but only a natural Talalay latex pillow offers the support required for the cervical vertebrae (C1 – C7) in the upper back and neck area.
  • Temperature. Being too hot or too cold is not conducive to getting a decent night’s sleep. Obviously the amount of bed covering can be altered from season to season to adjust body temperature, but it is impractical to be changing pillows. Only Talalay latex pillows can truly breathe to stay cool in summer and warm in winter because of their open cell structure and unique pinhole design. Click here to learn more about temperature


TLC natural Talalay latex pillows.