More About Temperature

Temperature. Being too hot or too cold is not conducive to getting a decent night’s sleep. Obviously the amount of bed covering can be altered from season to season to adjust body temperature, but it is impractical to be changing pillows. Only Talalay latex pillows can truly breathe to stay cool in summer and warm in winter because of their open cell structure and unique pinhole design.

Normal Dunlop process latex is 4 times less breathable than Talalay. There are 1000’s of factories around the world producing normal latex and in order to try to overcome the overheating problem they resort to all kinds of gimmicks such as cutting grooves and channels into the pillows, claiming these create airflow. Of course as soon as a head rests on the pillow, its weight closes the channel rendering it useless.

Likewise the pinholes in normal latex don’t go anywhere and are cosmetic only. Because Talalay latex has an open cell structure our pinholes are designed to enhance airflow that can already occur.

The open cell structure is created by shock freezing the latex foam to -30oC while it is still in the mould. This creates cracks between all the millions of air bubbles and the mould is then warmed and carbon dioxide and oxygen added to widen the links between each air cell. As the mould gets hotter the latex gels, further setting the open cell structure. Heating is increased to 115oC, expanding the links and air cells further and vulcanising the pillow. The pillow and its properties are now set.

TLC natural Talalay latex pillows can truly breathe to stay cool in summer and warm in winter to help you sleep tight.