More About Quality

At TLC our number one priority is product quality. Quality comes first, customer service second - and offering best possible value for money third.

Our product is our lifeblood. It simply has to be as perfect as it can be in order to be truly loved and trusted.

To this end we practise total quality control every step of the way:

  • Ethical sourcing. We specialise in pure, natural products and raw materials are tested for compliance. Latex and cotton fabrics by SGS (Geneva based, 1650 laboratories around the world) who are well recognised as the global benchmark for quality testing, verification and certification..
  • Product specifications. Very specific and comprehensive product specifications are supplied to our factories. We do not leave anything to chance or interpretation.
  • Latex Odour. After vulcanising, our pillows are removed from the mould and thoroughly washed and dried to remove any odour. To most people our pillows have no odour at all. A sensitive nose might be able to pick up a slight rubber smell, similar to latex gloves, but not offensive. Any lingering smell from being stored in import cartons lined with plastic will quickly dissipate with airing and disappear completely.
  • Factory QC checking and audits. We have worked closely with our factories for many years and are confident they have world best practise processes in place including in-line inspections and metal detectors, checks against size specs, and visual inspections of finished products. Our factories are also regularly audited for social compliance, as well as quality.
  • Oeko-Tex. Our factories have been tested and certified by Oeko-Tex. Based in Zurich, it is a testing association that only bestows certification on factories if no harmful substances are detected in the product.
  • Inward goods. Upon arrival of import goods at our warehouse, random products are quality checked to ensure they comply with specifications in every way.
  • TOTAL FINAL QC CHECK. When packing orders, every item is given a full final inspection for faults, dirty marks, odour, size, height and density to ensure it leaves us in perfect condition.

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