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Pillows for Children & Toddlers

Good quality sleep is vital to the health and wellbeing of growing children. And good body posture with the neck and spine in alignment while they sleep is ideal for healthy development. A quality pillow will make all the difference to achieving this. From the time little kids move into a ‘big bed’ with a pillow at around 2 years of age, they really need at least 13 hours sleep per 24 hours, including naps. And as they pass the toddler stage and grow through 5 years old, 10 – 13 hours is recommended. Thereafter kids still really need 9 – 10 hours’ sleep per night. A regular routine and comfortable bedding at the right temperature is essential to achieving this.

The pillow is especially important, and we believe a natural latex pillow is the very best option because it will provide perfect support for posture, the ultimate in lovely soft comfort, and if produced via the Talalay process it will be cool to sleep on. Latex is also naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antimicrobial and dust-mite resistant so very healthy to sleep on and perfect for kids with allergies or asthma.

At TLC we offer a range of top-quality children’s pillows including a pillow for toddlers through to juniors and beyond, and the options we have available include traditional shape pillows as well as a contour therapeutic pillow for little kids.

Buying a 2-pack of TLC Pillow Protectors for use with a kids pillow is also a good idea becasue they are much easier to remove and replace for washing than the cover that comes with the pillow.

Our Kids Latex Pillow Styles

Within our healthy, supportive, comfortable natural Talalay latex childrens pillow range, there is a model to suit each stage of a child’s development. That is not to say you necessarily need to change the pillow as they age, so long as they are sleeping comfortably a child’s first latex pillow can last all the way through to school grade 12. Your little one will soon let you know if they feel they have outgrown it!

 Our ideal toddler pillow is The Classic Plus because it is low and soft, supportive, has extra length for pillow hugging, and will be suitable for sleeping on for many years. The Junior Therapeutic is also a good first pillow option. It is low and soft, and being a contour style, it is a great kids neck pillow in that it cradles the head with the neck and spine in alignment for ideal sleeping posture.  You can begin with the lower side closest to the shoulder, then turn it around as your child grows bigger.

The Junior is our most popular childrens pillow. It is marginally higher and not quite so soft as the Junior Plus, with all the same health and comfort benefits. It will see most kids out till almost teens – and we even have adults that like a nice soft pillow order this one for themselves.

Conversely, older children might find our TLC The Soft pillow ideal. Marketed for adults, it is only a little higher and firmer than The Junior and makes a good choice for bigger framed or older children.

All our kids pillows are 100% natural latex made from the sap of organically grown rubber trees and the covers are good quality combed cotton interlock fabric. So, as well as being holistically healthful, they also sleep cool because they can breathe.

Place Your Order Online Today

TLC Latex Pillows offers a diverse range of top quality, beautiful, childrens pillow options for you to choose from. Browse our online website today and shop with confidence knowing all our kids pillows provide ideal support and comfort. And if not perfect for your little one, we do accept returns for refund or exchange. For more help or information, you can simply ring us on 0412 100 587 or mail us your queries at

Once a child becomes old enough to leave the cot and sleep in a big bed, it is ready for a pillow. Until then pillows are not recommended at all. Natural Talalay latex is completely safe for a first kids pillow. It gives the required support but is soft enough to be wonderfully comfortable without blocking airways. Talalay latex has an open cell structure that allows it to breathe.