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Super King Size Pillows

Have you thought about upgrading your bed set with super king size pillows? At TLC, as well as our great range of larger size latex pillows, we offer impressively oversized and extremely plump super king pillows. Customer reviews tell it all – these pillows are absolutely fabulous to sleep on.

Anyone who has a king or super king bed should be using super king pillows. In the past all latex pillows were a standard size (60 x 40 cm). But nowadays, there are many excellent options for larger sized pillows and TLC Latex Pillows has them all. Browse our range of larger size Talalay process latex pillows which include the Classic Plus Pillow, the High and Soft Pillow, the High and Firm Pillow – and the crème de la crème,  King latex pillows 



This larger pillow is 10cm longer, and marginally lower than the standard Classic Pillow. It is ideal for people who prefer a bigger pillow that is medium height - and those who tend to hug their pillow while they sleep or use their arm like a cradle. It will completely fill a standard sized pillowcase and look great on the bed. It suits almost everybody.


Not as big or sumptuous as our king size pillow, never the less this is a terrific option and very popular with big pillow lovers and huggers. It has ideal height and softness, making it very comfortable to use while providing excellent neck support. It just fits inside a standard sized pillow cases.


This generously sized latex pillow is perfect for people that are looking for plenty of height and firmness. It does exactly what it is supposed to do  and is designed to be as big as it can be, while still able to fit into a standard size pillowcase.


This king latex pillow has a high profile of 18cm, but it’s softer and lighter in weight than expected. Although this king size pillow is huge, because it is soft it feels ‘just right’ in height and provides optimal comfort and support. It really is like sleeping on a cloud. Deservedly, it sits at the top of our range and is almost impossible not to love. Looks brilliant on king and queen size beds, but does require a king size pillowcase (90 x 50cm).

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Browse our online store today to find premium super king size pillows, as well as other high-quality pillows available in different sizes. Feel free to get in touch with our king latex pillow experts by calling 0412 100 587 or by sending an email to sales@tlclatexpillows.com.au. We’ll be happy to provide you with more information about how you can upgrade your bed and pillows.