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King Size Pillows

For good reason, the fastest growing item in our range is the TLC king size pillow. It’s a beauty! For years our customers asked for king pillows in natural Talalay latex, and we are so pleased we were finally able to develop one that lives up to all expectation. Our king latex pillow sits at the very top of our range and is everything it should be – king size generously big (90 x 50 cm king size pillowcases required), sumptuous, and so softly comfortable. Heaven.

TLC king size pillows are designed to complement king size mattresses but look great on any size bed. To accomplish that look of pure, abundant luxury we made them 18cm high, but soft enough so they sink down to a really comfy and supportive medium height. They are wonderful to sleep on and suit almost everyone. The only latex version available in this country, feedback and reviews tell us TLC offer the best king pillows in Australia.

If you prefer a large pillow but consider king size pillows too big – or don’t wish to purchase king size pillowcases, TLC has a variety of large pillows in natural Talalay latex that fit into standard size pillowcases. These include the Classic Plus, the High & Firm, the High & Soft, the Low & Medium, the Low & Soft, and the Stomach Sleeper.  

Range of latex pillows

Classic Plus Pillows

From our range of large pillows, the Classic Plus is the most popular. It is 10cm longer than our standard the Classic, still fits into a standard pillowcase and is ideal for people who prefer a long pillow with medium height and density. Many individuals like to hug their pillows while sleeping or use their arm like a cradle for increased height and this extra-long pillow is perfect for that.

High and Soft Pillow

Height and firmness go hand in hand in that the softer the pillow, the more it sinks to the weight of the head, so height is lost. Because of this, our higher profile pillows (with high in the pillow name) are designed to suit those that like or need a high profile. Thus, the High & Soft is more of a soft medium density to retain height and is perfect if you want a nice plump, long pillow that is both supportive and comfy.

High and Firm Pillow

Another of our extra-large pillows, the High & Firm is designed for those that require the additional support that comes with firmness, but also like a nice high-profile pillow. An abundant pillow, it will still fit into a standard pillowcase leaving no room to spare and looks great on the bed. It is also great for broad shouldered side sleepers in terms of keeping the head, neck, and spine in alignment while asleep.

Low & Medium Pillow and Low & Soft pillow

These extra-long pillows complement our Classic Plus with the same 10cm extra length but cater for those that either need or prefer a lower profile. All TLC latex pillows provide the support required for good posture while sleeping but comfort is the secret to sound sleep and it is important to select the pillow density that will best suit you.

King Pillows

Sometimes described as super king pillows, they are huge and at first glance look too high to be comfortable. But the moment your head hits it, you realise how cleverly they have been designed to provide perfect comfort and support for a heavenly night’s sleep. At TLC we think this pillow is close to perfect.

Shop Online Today

You can shop TLC Latex Pillows online with confidence in the knowledge that we are the only pillow company that accepts returns for exchange or refund. We do this because we want our customers to end up with the perfect latex pillow from our extensive range. This kind of customer service rewards us with repeat orders and good customer reviews – and we can afford to do it because we get so few returns. We cannot on-sell returned pillows so prefer to help steer customers into the right pillow to start with so if in doubt as to which pillow to choose – a king size pillow, a long pillow, high, low, soft, firm etc. we urge you to call our friendly professionals on 0412 100 587 or mail us at info@tlclatexpillows.com.au.

We sell beautiful king size pillowcases in the standard size of 90 x 50cm to fit our king size pillows. Our large size pillows are all 10cm longer than our Classic range, but still fit into standard size pillowcases, available everywhere. We do not stock standard pillowcases, but do sell a 2-pack of top quality standard size cotton pillow protectors

Yes, TLC Latex Pillows in king, extra length and high profile all provide same benefits as their standard-sized counterparts. They provide exceptional comfort, support, breathability, and hypoallergenic properties, ensuring a wonderful and healthful sleep experience, regardless of the pillow's size.