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Choose TLC Pillow Protectors with Confidence

If you are looking for 100% cotton top quality pillow protectors, TLC is the company for you. Our standard size cotton pillow protectors are beautifully made from crisp, snow white cotton percale fabric with a zip for easy use. There is no quilting, so no spun bonded layer that will cause your Talalay latex pillow to stop sleeping nice and cool. Plain and simple, all our pillows will fit apart from king size, and they do a great job of further protecting your pillow at a great price. They are only available in a value 2-pack.

TLC Pillow Protectors are Easy Care

Using cotton pillow protectors with latex pillows has several advantages and makes life easier. Our pillows come with a good quality combed cotton interlock cover, so by adding a protector and a pillowcase you have 3 layers of protection for your pillow. Not only will this make the pillow last longer, but the protectors are easily removable and can be washed every time you change pillowcases. Being cotton the protectors are machine washable and can be spun dried and ironed. While the interlock pillow covers also have a zip and can be washed, removing, and reinserting the pillow is not so easy because of the rubberiness of the latex. With a protector you will rarely have to wash the cover or sponge the actual pillow, if ever.

Free Delivery Australia and New Zealand Wide

Not only does our 2-pack of top-quality TLC cotton pillow protectors represent excellent value, but we also provide free postage everywhere!

Contact us to know more about Pillow Protectors

Want to know more about our pillow protectors or not sure that the additional cost is worth it? Our Customer Service professionals are always happy and willing to help. Give us a ring on 0412100587 or email us at info@tlclatexpillows.com.au