THE SUMMER QUILT - 38% price reduction. 50% duck down, lightweight, ethically sourced, versatile.

In tropical Australia these quilts provide that little bit of extra luxury all year round, but for most of us this is the ideal quilt for SUMMER. Weighing in at only 100 grams per square meter it is delightfully lightweight, with the white duck down and feathers providing surprising warmth, even on the crispest of mornings just before dawn! TOG rating - 4.5. FILL POWER – 500 or above. General Warmth Rating - 2. Indulge in a whole lot of tender loving comfort. And just right summertime weightless warmth.

SINGLE 140x210cm. Fill weight 300 grams.    Price $160.00 $120.00 
DOUBLE 180x210cm. Fill weight 380 grams.  Price $175.00 $130.00
QUEEN 210x210cm. Fill weight 440 grams.    Price $190.00 $120.00   SOLD OUT
KING 240x210cm. Fill weight 500 grams.        Price $210.00 $150.00 SOLD OUT

RRP $170.00 $130.00
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This quilt is amazing! It is so light, you don't think it could possibly be warm enough as the night chills - but it is! Ducks don’t shed their feathers in summer and nature has designed things so the very down and feathers that keep them so warm in winter, also act as cooling ventilation in summer. Lightweight 50% white duck down quilts are ideal for those hot summer nights. Upgrade into some summer tender loving comfort now!

TLC Summer Quilts are versatile too. Being lightweight they are often used as casual blankets or throws  for that little bit of extra comfort when lounging around - and our more indulgent customers even use them as a mattress topper or under-blanket in coldest winter so they are surrounded in heavenly warm luxury. 

Comes with tie cord storage bag. Tendre est la nuit! 

Fabric: 100% combed cotton. 40x40/133x100 percale. Snow white. Down proof. Soft finish and lovely handle.

Sewing: 20 x 20cm sewn through box to keep filling in place. Satin piping edges. TLC corner sash.

Filling: 50% white duck down, 50% white duck small feathers, 100 grams/m2

WARMTH – TOG rating. This quilt is very lightweight with a Tog rating of only 4.5 making it perfect for Australian summers. (Tog ratings are mainly used and understood in Europe where ratings range from 4.5 for summer to 13.5 for coldest winter).

QUALITY. All materials and processes used in the making of this quilt are natural and best quality. The feathers and down are washed and rinsed multiple times at very high temperatures, which is a natural antibacterial treatment. No chemicals are used. Fill Power is not so important for our summer quilts because so little down is required, but the lofting power is still over 500, which is classed as very good.

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