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Support Pillows for the Elderly

As we go past ‘middle age’ we need the same amount of sleep as always and the notion that the elderly require less sleep is not correct. However, for a variety of reasons our senior citizens tend to go to sleep earlier, wake up earlier and often have difficulty sleeping at night. So, it becomes even more important that they have a pillow that will provide the right support and comfort to induce good quality sleep. At TLC, we offer a range of support pillows for the elderly in various heights, sizes, and densities to suit all body shapes and sleeping positions.

With seniors in mind, TLC designed a ‘go to’ pillow for our older customers, which we call The Senior. It will suit most of you. But of course, it isn’t a case of one pillow suits all and there are other traditional shape and contour therapeutic pillows in our range that may well be a better option for your particular needs.

Range of Support Pillows

The Stop Snore pillow and The Therapeutic

As we age, we tend to snore more. Studies show that as muscle tone decreases the airways are more likely to get obstructed or blocked while sleeping. TLC’s Stop Snore pillow should help in this regard. It is designed to coax your head and throat into an open airway position which should reduce snoring. This pillow is very similar to our slightly firmer The Therapeutic, which will do a similar job. Both pillows provide excellent support to the neck and this style of contour pillow is recommended by health professionals for people who suffer neck pain. Our therapeutic pillows come in 4 different height options, so you can be sure there will be one to suit you.

The Senior

For a decent night’s sleep, the comfort factor is always important - but even more crucial for older people who often suffer a variety of ailments, aches, and pains. Good support that will improve posture by keeping the neck and spine in alignment is also vital and to this end TLC has developed ‘The Seniors’, a really good neck support pillow for elderly folk. It is very similar to our standard Classic pillow, but with slightly less height and a dose of extra softness. Our The Seniors pillow is a bit like a feather and down pillow that never needs plumping up and provides better comfort and support, which is probably why it receives a lot of positive feedback.

Shop Our Pillows for Seniors Today

As you age you really do need the sound, restful sleep that will come with a good quality supportive pillow. And you deserve the extra comfort and health benefits that natural latex provides. Select the TLC Talalay latex pillow from our extensive range that best suits you, and you will never want to sleep anything else. That is a promise.

While all the information is on our website, we are well aware not all oldies are tech savvy, and the TLC team are always here to help and advise if you are in any doubt as which pillow to choose. Or have any questions at all. We’d love to hear from you on 0412 100 587, or email us at

Yes, there is a pillow in our range to suit absolutely everybody and all sleep positions. As you age, you tend to be more stable in your sleep, resting in the one position for longer periods. So, select the pillow that suits your most usual and comfortable sleep position, be it back, side, or stomach.

For a lot of elderly people, the answer is yes, because it provides the support and comfort that encourages sound sleep, regardless of your preferred sleep position. However, many seniors require specialty pillows for a variety of health reasons and there will be your ideal pillow in the TLC range to improve your sleep cycle.