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Support Pillows for the Elderly

Whilst no one pillow is going to be perfect for all seniors, there are a selection of support pillows for the elderly that are recommended for older people as their needs change through life. Research tells us that seniors need less sleep per night than those who are middle aged or younger, but it also tells us that they need ‘quality’ sleep now more than ever.

As you enter older age, you change physically and mentally, and that soft, fluffy pillow you have always favoured is unlikely to be the best option for you at this stage of your life. At TLC Latex Pillows, we stock a quality range of options for seniors, including a therapeutic neck pillow, contour  pillow and more.



Sadly, it is a fact that we do snore more as we age. As muscle tone decreases (internally & externally) your airways are more likely to get obstructed or blocked when sleeping.  A good supportive pillow that coaxes your body into an opened airway position at night can only help to reduce or eliminate snoring. With its contour design, The Stop Snore is such a pillow. It is similar to The Therapeutic, but just a little softer for added comfort. In the office, we call it ‘The Marriage Saver’.


If you prefer to sleep in the upright position on occasion, a neck support pillow for elderly people is a must. Our all natural latex ‘The Travel Neck’ pillows will ensure that an afternoon nap in front of the telly or on an adjustable bed will not result in neck pain and headache.


The older we get, the less we tend to move around in our sleep, staying in one or two sleep positions for the entire night. It is therefore imperative that these long term positions have the body in alignment right from the start. This therapeutic contour pillow can help users stay in position while they sleep.


While you may have favoured a squishy, soft feather pillow through your life, you are now at a time where you really need proper support. Joints get stiff and swollen, you are sleeping less hours and you are repositioning less in your sleep – this means you need to ensure your classic-shaped pillow is firm enough to support your head and keep your neck and spine in alignment. ‘The Senior’ is a spine and neck support pillow for elderly users that has the same profile (height) as a standard feather pillow – but it is more elastic and dense so as to adequately support your head. This is not a hard, firm pillow - ‘The Senior’ still feels soft and comfortable when you rest your head on it, but your head wont ‘sink’ nearly as far.

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Browse through our extensive range of therapeutic neck pillows, therapeutic contour pillows and other types of support pillows for the elderly online today to find the right pillow for your needs. You can also call us on 0412 100 587 or send an email to for further information from our friendly pillow experts.