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TLC has the only Natural Latex Wedge Pillow in Australia.

A wedge pillow is shaped like a triangular wedge and is used for many things as well as for sleeping on. Variously described as a therapeutic wedge pillow, a wedge pillow for acid reflux, a pregnancy wedge pillow, a wedge pillow for sinus problems, a maternity wedge pillow, and a medical wedge pillow; you can see that our TLC Talalay latex wedge pillow is a complete all-rounder probably most popular amongst people that like to prop up in bed to read or watch tv.

Unlike the much more readily available foam pillow wedge which is made from polyurethane and tends to be firm and high, our latex wedge is softer, low, and designed for use in conjunction with your normal pillow. The benefits of natural Talalay latex are manifold – it is hypoallergenic so good for asthma or allergies, antimicrobial, antibacterial and dust-mite resistant. Talalay latex also has an open cell structure making it breathable and cool to rest on.

Our TLC The Wedge is relatively expensive compared to other pillows in our range because instead of being produced in its own mould, it has to be cut from a Talalay latex mattress block. This is probably why our is the only natural latex wedge pillow in Melbourne – in all of Australia for that matter, but we believe its many uses and benefits outweigh the price.

We Guarantee you 100% Money Back.

Being Talalay process latex, ours is the best latex wedge pillow available anywhere in the world with a minimum guarantee of 5 years. So long as it is kept out of direct sunlight it will last for 10 – 15 years without losing shape or performance. At TLC Customer Service is paramount – at the end of the day customer satisfaction is everything and we want you to be happy. With our wedge pillow please check our size specs carefully before buying because it is a low wedge designed to be used in conjunction with your normal pillow, and you need to be sure you know what to expect. If, after trying any of our pillows you find it is not suited to you, then you have 30 days to return it for exchange or refund. TLC proudly leads the industry in this regard.

Enjoy Free Shipping on Every Order

As with any other of our products, order a sleeping wedge pillow now and we will ship for free to anywhere in Australia and New Zealand for free, within one working day. We use Australia Post and depending on where you are located delivery time is normally between 2 & 6 days – sometimes longer during peak times such as pre-Christmas.  If urgent, you can always opt for Express delivery during checkout and pay $10 extra.

Get in Touch with Us if You've any queries pertaining to Wedge Pillows

If, after checking out our wedge pillow online, you are still unsure whether it will suit you needs or you have further questions don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are only a phone call away on 0412100587 or email us at

Our wedge pillow is cut from a Talalay latex mattress block so cannot be any higher. We only offer the one size, but it is the best latex wedge pillow available. It can be used in conjunction with a standard pillow to increase height, if required.

Yes. TLC only sells online, direct to consumers. This way we minimise overheads and ensure you get the very best price. At TLC we recognise that buying online is not easy and so we are the only pillow company that accepts returns for refund or exchange. We can afford to do so because we receive very few returns.