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Snore / Sleep Apnoea Pillows

People who struggle to fall asleep or suffer from constant sleep interruptions due to sleep apnoea can find relief with a contour shaped pillow from TLC Latex Pillows. Our specially designed pillows promote good sleep posture and unobstructed breathing, helping you to enjoy longer and deeper sleep cycles. The stop snore pillow that we offer is also ideal for helping you feel more rested and improving overall wellness.

Made from Natural Materials

Our snore and sleep apnoea pillows are made from all natural Talalay latex materials. The contoured shape makes them perfect for people who snore, breathe heavy or experience intermittent sleep interruptions. Latex materials have the added benefit of boasting hypoallergenic and anti-microbial properties, which means you can reduce your exposure to potentially harmful allergies that affect respiratory health. Our pillows are additionally mite and mildew resistant for improved longevity.

Taking Care of Customers

At TLC Latex Pillows, we believe in taking care of our customers. This means working closely with you to accommodate your requirements and achieve your desired outcome. We also offer free shipping across Australia, 100% money back guarantees to put your mind at ease, and the best possible value for money.

Order Online Today

TLC Latex Pillows is the number one choice for pillows that can address obstructed breathing. Place an order online today at your earliest convenience. Alternatively, you can call us on 0412 100 587 or fill out our online enquiry form for a prompt response.