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Enjoy a Better Sleep with Our Therapeutic Pillow Range

Are you searching for the best pillow for neck pain? You can stop right here. Physiotherapists, chiropractors, and sleep specialists are unanimous in recommending contour style pillows for people with neck pain. A contour pillow comes out of a special mould that is highest on one side, dips down in the middle - and cradles the head by going up again, but not as far on the other side. This style pillow is shaped to provide maximum support between the base of your neck and the shoulder and works equally well for back and side sleepers.  Because of this remedial quality, they are often referred to as therapeutic pillows and TLC offers the most comprehensive range of natural latex therapeutic pillows in Australia. With 4 different height and density options to choose from you can be sure there will be a therapeutic neck pillow in the TLC range to suit you.

Contour style pillows can be made from Polyurethane foam, memory foam or latex. PU foam is cheap, tends to be too firm, doesn’t last long, and we don’t recommend it. Memory foam is a good option, and some people really like it. Sometimes called viscos foam, apart from the fact that it is made from oil derivatives and chemicals that contain carcinogens, it sinks in slowly to the weight of your head and neck and sleeps warm. It can also have a chemical odour. At TLC we much prefer all-natural latex and dropped memory pillows from our range many years ago. Natural latex made via the Talalay process pushes out to provide perfect support, has holistic health benefits and sleeps cool. We love it.

If you haven’t slept on a contour shape pillow before, they can take a bit of getting used. It can take a few nights for your neck and spine to adjust to being more in alignment and sometimes this can be painful in itself – but it is worth persevering for long term neck pain relief and better-quality sleep.

Contour Latex Pillows & Low Therapeutic Pillows

A therapeutic contour pillow will help provide good, sound sleep to both side, and back sleeping positions. Our most popular model is The Therapeutic, a medium height and medium density contour pillow that suits most people, regardless of whether they usually sleep on their side, or back. Whether you sleep with your shoulder closer to the higher side (12cm) or lower side (10cm) is up to you – whichever feels most comfortable. Both sides will give you good support and you can always swap sides as you move from side to back or vice versa. Being Talalay process latex, even though The Therapeutic is described as medium density it still has enough give and softness to be lovely and comfy. Contour pillows are very flexible, and some people even flip them over to stomach sleep on the flat side with arms tucked into middle tunnel.

TLC also has a variety of lower profile therapeutic pillows available for you to choose from. There is a Low & Firm Therapeutic (9/7 cm), which is a very firm specialty pillow – and two much softer Low Therapeutic options (10/8 cm and 8/6cm – the latter is so low it is sometimes even used by stomach sleepers). For those that suffer from neck or shoulder pain you must take care you select the contour pillow that will best suit your condition, especially if it is severe. In this case your health professional will be able to guide you – but our customer service team is always happy to help you with general advice to steer you into the appropriate pillow. Simply ring us on 0412 100 587 or email us at

There is a big difference. TLC Therapeutic Pillows are made from 100% natural latex produced via the Talalay process and provide all the healthful benefits that come with that. Memory, or viscos foam comes from carcinogenic oil derivatives and chemicals. Brands such as Tempura produce very good quality memory foam products that are extremely popular, but at TLC we like all natural pillows and much prefer the properties and performance of Talalay latex to viscos foam – so much so that we dropped memory foam pillows from our range many years ago.