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Enjoy a Better Sleep with Our Therapeutic Pillow Range

If you’re wondering what is the best pillow for neck pain side sleeper types or anybody who generally wakes up with pain in the morning, you’re sure to find a solution within the range of therapeutic pillow options offered at TLC Latex Pillows. A leading provider of luxury latex pillows in Australia, we make it our mission to combine competitive prices with impressive quality. Stocking a wide range of high-quality contour latex pillows and other therapeutic pillows, our ultimate goal is to help you achieve a better and more supportive sleep.

Contour Latex Pillows & Low Pillows

Our wide range of contour latex pillows and therapeutic pillows for side sleepers will ensure that your sleeping experience is more comfortable, supportive and enjoyable. So what is the best pillow for neck pain side sleepers and other struggling sleepers? We have two options to choose from:

  • Contour Latex Pillows – Contour latex pillows are considered to be extremely therapeutic pillows for side sleepers. If you’re struggling to have a good sleep, or if you wake up with pains, a contour pillow will provide support to your neck and back. Soft, breathable and boasting a number of health benefits, contour latex pillows are a fantastic solution for sub-par sleeps.
  • Low Pillows – Low pillows are generally good therapeutic pillows for side sleepers as well as those who require a low profile pillow. They’re also a popular choice for back sleepers and anybody that suffers from neck issues. The supportive structure of a low pillow will form to the shape of your head, helping to provide you with a more enjoyable and comfortable sleep.

Explore our therapeutic pillow range online today, or get in touch for assistance by calling 0412 100 587 or emailing