Cotton Robes & Down Quilts

TLC also offers a carefully chosen selection of luxury cotton robes, feather and down quilts and down-like quilts for sale at the most competitive prices. We sell plush towelling dressing gowns and beautiful quilts online (only) that provide absolute luxury, uncompromsing quality and good value for money  – but with that added touch of natural TLC magic.


Drawing on our 35 years of textile experience, we worked closely with some of the best specialist factories in China, to assess and evaluate every type of quilt imaginable. We thoroughly checked-out the common natural fibres (silk, wool, cotton) as well as the more exotic (alpaca, bamboo, soy, milk fibre, camel hair) - plus the synthetics including polyester, microfibre, modal, Dacron and Tencel. 

In the end we chose the two options that are most in-line with our tender loving care ethos, they are:

FEATHER AND DOWN QUILTS - White duck down quilt

Down is indisputably the best fill material that can go into quilts. Feather and down quilts have warming properties that simply can't be matched. Down provides the ultimate in fill power, a high loft and natural temperature control. Down is the fluffy layer underneath the outside feathers that keeps birds warm. The best down comes from the bird’s lower neck and upper chest.

When selecting down products it’s important to check that the down has been sourced in an ethical way. Goose down has a reputation for being superior and when plucked from live geese the down regrows, encouraging multi harvesting. However this process is excruciatingly painful and extremely cruel, leaving large flesh wounds that are often stitched up without the use of anaesthetic. It is estimated that between 50 - 80% of the worlds goose down is live plucked and this number is most certainly higher in China. At TLC we quickly decided to avoid goose down and opt for white duck down. TLC will never sell any products that use goose down.

Duck down does NOT regrow so ducks are never live-plucked, but rather the feathers and down are a by-product of ducks that are farmed for meat. At TLC we are happy in the knowledge our duck feather and down quilts are all natural and eco-friendly. Duck down is extremely plentiful and therefore less expensive than goose down, but has almost identical characteristics. The down from grey ducks works just as well as white, but white looks a lot cleaner in the finished product.




The best quality down comes from mature ducks, while the tenderest meat comes from younger ducks. As a result, farmers often minimise the cycle between hatching and going to market even though the down cluster is immature, low quality and will break down with time. At TLC we pay a premium to ensure that the down we use in our feather and down quilts comes from lovely mature ducks. This guarantees a long life for the ducks and quality down for our quilts.



Our range of duck feather and down quilts comprises a choice of 3 styles in various weights, warmth ratings and price points. The most luxurious is THE ULTIMATE QUILT, our 'warmth without weight' Ultimate quilt is filled with an 80/20% ratio of down to feathers, creating the perfect blend for the optimum mix of luxury, functionality and price. 80% refers to the minimum amount of down cluster in the fill, while the other 20% is made up of small (less than 5cm in length) feathers and fibre. A higher ratio of down to feather makes a huge difference to the performance of down quilts. But is a lot more expensive. It is important this is taken into account when comparing prices. 

THE WINTER and THE SUMMER down and feather quilts both contain an equal mix of down and feathers, making them more affordable. THE WINTER contains 2.25 times more filling than our ultra lightweight summer quilt. Both are highly functional and absolutely beautiful.
We surround ALL our feather and down quilts in the same crisp cotton percale with a piped satin gusset. They offer the ultimate in warmth and luxury while being lightweight, comfortable and soft. When you purchase feather down quilts online from TLC you can be sure of the highest quality at an affordable price.


This beautiful quilt may feel like down but it’s produced from synthetic fibres and is the only non-natural item in the entire TLC range. Down quilts are expensive, especially when the down content is as high as 80% and this quilt was chosen as the ultimate value for money alternative that still lives up to our tender loving standards for quality, luxury and functionalty. They are oh so soft and warm and COSY!. To achieve the down-like feel we experimented with a variety of fibres. From 15 denier polyester to 0.9 denier microfibre, we really did try it all. We eventually decided upon a superfine three denier polyester fill as being able to do all we wanted it to do at a great price.

After we’d found the perfect fill for our quilt, fabric for the outer cover was easy - a lightly brushed, soft, satin fabric for extra cosiness. For an affordable quilt that offers warmth and luxury, choose the ‘Feels Like Down’ COSY quilt.


If you’re looking for premium cotton robes look no further than TLC. Again, we set about designing the BEST cotton towelling dressing gowns online. The plushest snow white cotton towelling, the most generous fit, superior softness and tender loving comfort. At TLC we love all our products. We take a great deal of pride and satisfaction from knowing that our years of experience - in both manufacturing and importing - has resulted in an affordable range of unique, world-class luxury items. Our opulent cotton robes are no exception!

Produced from high quality combed cotton, our towelling dressing gowns are incredibly generously  sized (they really do ‘fit all’) giving you the opportunity to purchase cotton robes for all the adults in your family. Most suppliers offer ‘one size’ unisex robes, but we are yet to find anybody who offers bigger cotton robes than TLC. We believe that towelling robes are meant to be big and plush, so you can roll up the sleeves and relax in comfort. It’s all about luxury, comfort and indulgence.

They are easy care too. In fact our robes LIKE BEING WASHED! Machine wash and dry. They are designed to shrink a little and will fit even better!

 In keeping with TLC’s ethos, our towelling dressing gowns online offer excellent value for money. They’re the best of the best at half the price you’d normally pay.