• I rang about a potential exchange a couple of days ago & you suggested trying the pillow for a couple of nights. I just wanted to say thank you, that was great advice. The pillow is incredible - it’s the best I’ve experienced. Thanks for a great product and a great service...

    Simon Turner...

  • Can't wait to receive my new Low & Medium latex pillow. The Classic Plus I received a few weeks ago is a beautiful pillow but a bit too high for my liking. But perfect for my son who absolutely loves it. I rang TLC Customer Service who told me a new lower version is coming and one of them already has my name on it.

    Harry B. A fan of TLC!

    ....... Castle Hill, NSW.
  • Wow! Just got into bed and put my head on my new pillow which arrived today. It’s perfect. I have arthritis in my neck up into my skull and I need a low, soft pillow with an even, stable fill to minimise pressure points. Your Low & Soft Latex fits the bill perfectly’. Regards M. .......... And next day. "Sleeping the best I have in ages!!"

    Margaret Healy

    ..... Bowen, Qld.
  • Just wanted to say we love these two pillows (TLC THE SOFT) and are so pleased with them. We love the softness and are hoping to get two of the classics in the coming weeks. Thanks so much for sending quick. We've had the best sleep past few nights, been hard to get out of bed!! We’ve shared our love for your pillows with our friends too.


    .... Newtown, NSW
  • I have had an operation on my neck,c6,c7 and have had so much trouble finding a low soft pillow. Seems all the other pillows put a lot of pressure on that area where I had the operation. Sleep great now with this pillow and I was lucky to find TLC so I've been stocking up thanks again. Hope people with neck ops can find your pillows.

    M. White

    ..... Clontarf, NSW
  • I received my High and Soft pillow. It's absolutely superb! Never had a more perfect pillow. My partner also loves his Classic Plus pillow. Thank you so very much for your service. We are 2 very happy customers.

    Kathryn Howes

    ...... Redbank Plains, Qld.
  • The Soft Pillow is perfect. It exceeded expectations. I've been devastated that Dentons no longer order the medium height natural Tallalay pillows from the US. Thank goodness your company has filled this gap in the market. There are no other natural tallalay pillows out there. I've spent 400.00 on being led up the garden path by other companies. This is the pillow that you can scrunch up under your neck for support. Very happy customer.

    Susan B.

    .....Sandigo, NSW
  • OMG. My pillow (THE CLASSIC PLUS) is amazing. Soft yet very supportive. And no headache, sore neck or ears! I think it is in danger of being stolen by my husband!


    .... Ashburton, Vic.
  • My pillow arrived a little while ago (LOW THERA 10/8 cm). It's beautiful! Definitely worth the wait. It actually reminds me of one that I bought from a chiropractor many years ago, and which I've never been able to replace. I can't wait to use it tonight! Many thanks again for your superlative service.

    Brigid G.

    ........ Bowral, NSW
  • Just wanted to say the pillows (2 x THE CLASSIC) are working out for us! Have had much better night’s sleep already. And with a 4 month old baby - sleep is even more precious in our household. Cheers!


    .... Coburg, Vic

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