THE STOMACH SLEEPER - 32% off. Low and ever so soft. Talalay all natural latex.

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  • Designed specifically for stomach sleepers.
  • Only 12cm high, and sleeps lower due to soft density.
  • Extra length and looks great on the bed.
  • All natural Talalay latex.


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Stomach Sleeper Pillows at TLC

If you are looking for a tummy sleeper pillow, then you have come to the right place!  The feedback we get from happy stomach sleepers at TLC is a constant endorsement. We offer a range of soft, low- profile pillows that are absolutely ideal in terms of providing the comfort you are looking for without lumps or bumps or causing your neck and spine to go out of alignment while lying on your tummy with your head turned sideways. Thus eliminating neck pain while you sleep.

To do this the pillow needs to be nice and low. With latex pillows, height and softness go hand in hand and the softer the pillow the lower it will sleep. And a nice soft pillow also feels ever so comfy. We have several natural latex tummy sleeper pillow options in our range produced via the Talalay process, so they have an open cell structure and sleep cool.  

Types of Stomach Sleeper Pillows

While there are a number of different options in our range, the most obvious choice as a tummy sleeper pillow is simply called ‘The stomach Sleeper’. It suits most tummy sleepers perfectly – extra length for pillow huggers and supremely soft so it feels way lower than 12cm, but superbly comfortable and fits into a standard size pillowcase.

Other options available are ‘The Low and Medium’ which is the same size but denser for those that prefer a slightly higher, firmer feel. Again, with a little more height ‘The Soft’ is also popular option – and then there is ‘The Low Therapeutic’ which comes in two height options, the lower (8/6cm) being preferred by most stomach sleepers.

All these options are made from 100% natural latex produced via the Talalay process so give tummy sleepers all the health benefits – sleeps cool and are great for people with allergies, asthma and breathing problems.

We Guarantee 100% Refunds or Exchanges

Ultimately, we want all our customers to be happy with their selection. If the pillow doesn’t suit your needs perfectly, we happily accept returns for refund or exchange, within 30 days of purchase.

Further, Talalay latex pillows are long lasting. Given a little tender loving care, they will last for 15 years or more without losing shape or performance. All our pillows are guaranteed for 5 years.

In the unlikely event that your receive a pillow that is not as described, deviates from specification, or is faulty in any way, we will immediately replace it.

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Browsing our online website at TLC Latex Pillows should provide all the information required to select a stomach sleeper pillow to suit you. But we are here to help if you need further assistance or advise. Ring Customer Service on 0412100587 or email us at .

Yes – most stomach sleepers prefer a softer feel so that that head is not forced upwards during sleep, but we do have low profile firmer pillows available. The TLC Low & Medium is recommended for those that want a little more firmness. If you require a very firm, low pillow for stomach sleeping we also have the TLC Low & Firm pillow as an option.

To directly compare all our pillow specifications against each other please click here.

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