THE WEDGE PILLOW - Multi purpose for relieving discomfort. Talalay all natural latex, exclusive to TLC in Australia.

  • An orthopaedic pillow for relief with pregnancy, heart burn, sinus, edema & more
  • Lower profile, medium density, ribbed for stability
  • All natural Talalay latex, sleeps cool
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THE TLC WEDGE is the only Talalay latex pillow of this shape available in Australia. A therapeutic pillow that can be used on its own or in conjunction with other pillows to provide relief for many ailments. These include acid reflux/heartburn, pregnancy, sleep apnoea, sinus pressure, edema (swollen feet/ankles), snoring, neck and back pain, asthma, post-nasal drip and even just night time breathing with the common cold.

PREGNANCY - side sleeping is recommended for pregnant woman and this pillow is often described as a miracle worker when it comes to wedged stomach support & discomfort relief. It can also be used to prevent rolling onto the back whilst sleeping, it can be propped under swollen feet to raise them and used to sleep inclined to relieve heartburn.

The Wedge can act as a prop – on top of or under your usual pillow to individualise the height that provides greatest relief. It can relieve pressure to sensitive areas and be wedged under or between knees, legs or feet for comfort or improved circulation. The Wedge is also great for propping up to watch TV or read in bed.

Unlike all our other pillows which are produced in a mould, THE WEDGE is cut to shape from a Talalay latex  mattress block, which makes it comparatively expensive – but unlike synthetic foam alternatives, our wedge provides all the great health benefits that come with 100%  natural Talalay latex. The TLC Wedge is highly versatile and will give comfort, support and relief to almost anybody suffering sleep deprivation.

Size: 60 x 39cm. Height 9/3.5 cm. Weight 1100 grams

All our pillows are covered in beautiful, snow white, 100% soft cotton interlock. Zip off for easy washing.

Our pillows are guaranteed 100% natural latex, with no synthetic latex blended in. They are created using the Talalay latex process, affording the following benefits:

  • Breathable – cool in summer, warm in winter.
  • Supportive – latex maintains its shape over time, providing consistent head & neck support.
  • Lightweight and soft – the most comfortable pillows in the world.
  • Long lasting – guaranteed for 5 years. Life expectancy is 10 - 15 years.
  • Natural – ultimately biodegradable. The only latex pillows that can really breathe.
  • Hypoallergenic – ideal for allergy sufferers. Inherently anti-microbial, dust mite and mildew resistant.

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