The Best Therapeutic Pillows for a Perfect Night Sleep

Getting a great night’s sleep is essential for good health and enjoying life to the full! TLC is a therapeutic pillow company that is dedicated to helping people achieve a blissful night’s sleep. Our motto is Tendre est la nuit – Tender is the night. Whether you’re looking for therapeutic pillows for side sleepers, back sleepers or front sleepers, we have all the best options.

Find the Therapeutic Pillow for a Great Night’s Sleep


Why Our Pillows are an Excellent Choice

To help our customers achieve perfect slumber, we sell the best therapeutic pillows in Australia. What makes them so good?

  • Quality materials – We only use natural latex that is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.
  • Quality production – Our latex is processed using the Talalay method that provides a unique, breathable texture. It’s also less brittle than many other forms of latex, so it will maintain its breathability and shape for longer.
  • Quality range – We provide a range of pillow sizes and profiles to suit your style of sleeping. We have therapeutic pillows for side sleepers that are high and lofty, supporting the neck and head in the optimal position, while our flatter pillows are ideal for those who sleep on their back.

We know that we can supply you with your ideal pillow.

Not keen on latex pillows? We understand that they’re not for everyone. That’s why we also offer a duck down and feather pillow that offers the same support and comfort.

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