THE ULTIMATE QUILT - Huge price reduction. 80% duck down, warmth without weight, ethically sourced, superb quality.

TLC WARMTH WITHOUT WEIGHT luxurious white duck down quilts. La crème de la crème. 80% white duck down. These are beautiful, gusseted quilts using top quality all natural materials to provide guaranteed warmth without weight. TOG rating - 10.5. FILL POWER - 600. General Warmth Rating - 5. Indulge in a whole lot of tender loving comfort. And just right warmth.

SINGLE 140x210cm. Fill weight 588 grams.   Price $319.00 $190.00

DOUBLE 180x210cm. Fill weight 756 grams. Price $329.00 $200.00

QUEEN 210x210cm. Fill weight 882 grams.    Price $339.00 $210.00  

KING 240x210cm. Fill weight 1008 grams.      Price $354.00 $220.00

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At TLC our success and reputation has been built on providing best quality, all natural, healthy product at a huge saving to the price you would normally expect to pay. We cannot guarantee you will fall in love with your new TLC down quilt on the very first night – but we are pretty confident. Oo-la-la. Tendre est la nuit! 

All materials are natural and best qulaity. Feather and down is washed and rinsed mutiple times at very high temperature which is a natural antimicrobial treatment. No chemicals are used. Comes with tie cord storage bag

Fabric: 100% combed cotton. 40x40/133x100 percale. Snow white. Down proof. Soft finish and lovely handle.

Sewing: 25 x 25cm sewn through box to keep filling in place. 4cm gusset, satin piping.

Filling: 80% white duck down, 20% white duck small feathers, 200 grams/m2

WARMTH – TOG rating. All you need to know is the higher the Tog rating then the warmer the quilt will be. (Don't get confused with warmth and weight as a very warm down quilt can also be very light!) Tog ratings are mainly used and understood in Europe where ratings range from 4.5 for summer to 13.5 for coldest winter. With a rating of 10.5, our quilts are ideal for spring, summer and winter throughout the cooler regions of Australia.

QUALITY. Fill Power is the most frequently used measure of down quality. It involves measurements taken of a one ounce sample of down in a Plexiglas cylinder with a weighted piston compressing the down. The test requires controlled temperature, humidity, and preparation of the sample. All other things being equal a quilt made with high fill power is lighter and more compressible than an equally warm one made with lower quality down. Fill power is expressed as cubic inches per ounce (in³/oz.) For duck down a lofting power of 400–450 is considered medium quality, 450-500 is good, 500–550 is very good and 550 – 650 is excellent. To achieve more than 650 the down either has to come from eider ducks or geese. Our down comes from white ducks and Fill Power for this TLC down quilt is  over 600.

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