Which Pillow Will Suit You Best?

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There are a lot of considerations when choosing a pillow. Comfort is the ultimate aim, as comfort = sleep. But there is ‘sleep’, and then there is ‘quality sleep’. Quality sleep comes when 3 boxes are ticked – comfort, alignment & breathing. Are you comfortable? Is your neck & back in alignment, or are you properly supported? And are your airways clear and are you breathing easily? Answer ‘yes’ to these 3 questions and you are rewarded with sweet, sweet, superior slumber. So which pillow will give you comfort, support and breathing? To decide you need to marry the pillow (size, height & shape) with you – your physical size, your sleep position & your general health (asthma, allergies, back pain, sleep apnoea, neck ache, etc). Let us help.


If you have no pain, no allergies, no snoring, etc and are simply looking for a beautiful, comfortable pillow then stick with the traditional pillow shape. 


THE SIDE SLEEPER – if you have an averaged sized frame then ‘The Classic’ pillow   or 'The Big' pillow are your best options. A small framed person should consider ‘The Soft’ pillow or ‘The Firm’ pillow and the larger framed among us would go to ‘The Bigger’ and ‘The Biggest’ pillows – which both sit at 16 cms tall.


THE BACK SLEEPER – for best alignment when sleeping on your back you need a low profile pillow. Our lowest is The Low Therapeutic contour pillow. ‘The Firm’ pillow is firm but low, ‘The Soft’ pillow is average height but feels lower as it is so soft and ‘The Classic’ and "The Big" work for those with a medium to large frame.

THE FRONT SLEEPER – the best pillow for the tummy sleeper is ‘The Soft’ pillow which sits at 14cms profile (height), but compresses right down when slept on due to softness. Any more height and your body will be out of alignment – ouch. The tummy sleeper should also consider The Low Thrapeutic contour pillow.


THE PILLOW HUGGER – if you are one to hug your pillow at night then ‘The Big’ pillow is absolutely perfect. It is the standard pillow height (13cms) but it is large – at 70x40cms. 'The Bigger' and 'The Biggest' are also great  options. These just fit into a standard pillow case (and look fabulous on the bed – so big & inviting).


THE KIDS – recommended for children 3 years and over ‘The Junior’ pillow are custom made to support growing necks and backs. They are hypoallergenic, supportive and comfortable.

THE TRAVELLER – we’ve all seen the travel pillows at the airport and they are a wonderful sleep tool for long haul flights. Our travel pillows are latex – so natural and extra supportive (they don’t squish down like polyfill travel pillows do).


THE FOLD YOUR PILLOW OVER/2 PILLOW SLEEPER – many people like to really feel their pillow beneath their heads. If you like a soft feel, abundant, tall pillow then ‘The Bigger’ is a winner. Prefer firmer and higher? ‘The Biggest’ pillow is perfect. The other pillow well worth consideration is ‘The Memory Foam Latex’ pillow. Memory foam on one side and latex on the other – this pillow is super firm and supportive and is heavy. These are serious, high profile pillows – great for someone with a big frame or someone who really likes to feel their pillow there.

THE TRADITIONALIST – the good old ‘Feather & Down’ pillow is the traditional alternative to latex and ours are built with 3 separate chambers so your fill doesn’t bunch. This is a beautiful, plump traditional pillow.

THE RADICAL – Memory Foam – the cool pillow in town is ‘The Memory Foam’ pillow. These pillows compress inwards, moulding to the shape of your head at just the right height for you. We have combined ours with all the benefits of natural latex, so this pillow can be flipped to either the memory foam side or the latex side. The best of both pillow worlds.


THE ALL ROUNDER – there are 2 pillows in our range that will suit almost everybody. ‘The Classic’ pillow is – as it sounds – a classic and a cracker. 'The Big' is similar to 'The Classic' in feel and height, but longer so it suits pillow huggers and completely fills the pillow case so looks great on the bed.


Your pillow can offer you therapy. If you are looking for not only quality sleep but also physical relief then a therapeutic pillow is a must.


NECK OR BACK PAIN – there are 2 possible reasons for pain after sleep – poor support or poor alignment. Is your pillow the right density and height for your body? Is your pillow keeping your head, neck and back in alignment during sleep? ‘The Therapeutic’ pillow is a contoured pillow often recommended by chiropractors and health professional for those that suffer recurring pain after sleep. They take some getting used to due to their unusual contoured shape, but they get magnificent alignment results. For most people the medium Therapeutic pillow is ideal, but we also offer a very LOW PROFILE version for those with special chiropractic needs or tummy sleepers that simply prefer nice low pillows.

It is also worth considering the support you are getting from your current pillow – a pillow that is too high or too low for your body shape will inevitably result in neck pain at some point. ‘The Firm’ or ‘The Soft’ pillow work beautifully for those with a small frame, just as ‘The Bigger’ and ‘The Biggest’ can be miraculous for those with a large frame or broad shoulders.


ALLERGY, ASTHMA & EXCEMA – there is natural latex and there is synthetic latex. All our latex pillows are NATURAL latex – no chemicals, no oil derivatives, no finishing treatments. They are tested & certified by Oeko-Tex. A pillow made from pure, natural latex is hypo-allergenic & breathable – ideal for allergy sufferers. Our pillows are inherently anti-microbial and they are dust mite and mildew resistant. They inhibit the growth of mould & bacteria. In a reality where one third of the weight of a 2 year old feather pillow is dust mites, dust mite excretion, dead skin and bacteria.Allergy sufferers of all typesneed a natural latex pillow.

SNORING & SLEEP APNOEA – snoring not only keeps your family awake it also means the sleep you are getting is not quality sleep. Habitual snoring can lead to sleep apnoea, which brings further health problems. ‘The Stop Snore’ pillow is designed to realign your sleep posture for unobstructed breathing. It is also hypoallergenic – providing clean breathing whilst sleeping. This pillow is affectionately known as ‘the marriage saver’.

It is important to know that ALL our pillows will fit into a standard size pillowcase. For some people the choice is simply personal preference - if you like a really substantial high profile pillow go for 'The Biggest'. If you like a soft, lower pillow 'The Soft' is an obvious choice. For average feel and height, 'The Classic' and 'The Big' are old favourites. But there are those who are unsure which pillow will suit them best and need help. If your require further assistance ring Tim from TLC on 0412100587 who is only too happy to help.

Try our new Pillow Selector to assist in choosing your pillow.

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