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At TLC Latex Pillows we offer the most extensive range of Talalay latex pillows available in Australia. With many of the options we have available we are the ONLY supplier – our latex Wedge, King and Low-Profile pillows are examples of these exclusive offerings. Within our wide range, there is the perfect pillow for you.

But with so many to choose from, deciding what will suit your needs best can be quite difficult. Ultimately good sound quality sleep is the aim. Quality sleep comes when 3 boxes are ticked – comfort, alignment and breathing. Before buying a pillow ask yourself are you comfortable? Is your neck and back in alignment, and are you properly supported? Are your airways clear and are you breathing easily? Answer ‘yes’ to these 3 questions and you are well on the way to sleeping tight very night. Thus, it becomes a matter of deciding which pillow will prove to be most comfortable, keep your neck and spine in alignment, and keep your airways open for easy breathing. To decide you need to marry the pillow size, height shape, and density with your own personal situation – physical size, sleeping position, and general health in terms of allergies, asthma, back or neck pain, sleep apnoea etc. Let us help.

Are you in Good Health & Just looking for a Really Comfortable Pillow?

Firstly, think about the pillow you are sleeping on now and what is good or bad about it – particularly regarding height and firmness. Personal preference is the most important factor in your search for a supremely comfortable pillow. Bearing in mind you would find most of our natural Talalay pillows comfortable – it’s a question of choosing the one that will suit you best. If you prefer a traditional shape pillow, stick with it. If contour style pillows are what you like best, stay with that. Your sleeping position is a big decider in determining which pillow is best for you. Here are some suggestions:


The Side Sleeper – Are you looking for the best latex pillow for side sleepers? TLC's most popular side-sleeper pillows are ‘The Classic’ and the ‘The Classic Plus’ because they are both medium height and medium feel and suit most people. Smaller framed people will most likely prefer ‘The Soft’, The Low & Medium’, or ‘The low & Soft’. If you prefer a nice high profile or are large framed, then ‘The High & Soft’ and ‘The High & Firm’, are both great options – and then there is the ‘The King’, a magnificent pillow sitting at the top of our range.


The Back Sleeper – If you mainly sleep on you back, then a softer or lower profile pillow will best keep your neck and spine in alignment while you sleep. We have several lower profile options including ‘The Low therapeutic’ contour pillows, ‘The Low & Medium’, ‘The Low & Soft’, and ‘The Soft’. Back sleepers with medium to larger frames also tend to like ‘The Classic’ and ‘The Classic Plus’.

The Front Sleeper – The best pillow in Australia for the tummy sleeper is 'The Stomach Sleeper', which is low and ever so soft and comfy. If you prefer a little more support ‘The Low & Medium’ will give you just that. ‘The Soft pillow’ is also a good option. It sits at 14cms profile (height) but compresses right down when slept on due to softness. Any more height and your body will be out of alignment – ouch. The stomach sleeper should also consider 'The Low Therapeutic' latex contour pillows, which come in 2 height options (low and lower) and both are nice and soft.


The Pillow Hugger – If you are one to hug your pillow at night then we have a range of pillows with an extra 10cm in length that all still fit into standard size pillowcases. Most popular because it is medium height is ‘The Classic Plus’. High profile options include 'The High & Soft', 'The High & Firm' and 'The King’ – and lower height pillow hugging options are the ‘The Low & Medium’, and ‘The Low & Soft’.


The Kids – Choosing a kids pillow from the TLC range is relatively easy because they all have the word ‘Junior’ in the pillow name. They are all ideal as a first ‘big bed’ pillow because they are low profile and soft, but supportive enough to provide good body posture while sleeping. ‘The Junior Plus’ is our first choice childrens pillow because it is very low, very soft and really comfy. ‘The Junior’ is slightly higher and firmer, but still a great kids pillow that will probably see your child through till about 10 years of age. Then there is the ‘The Junior Therapeutic' which is an ideal contour style pillow for little kids. Great for cradling the head and helping keep the neck and spine in alignment during sleep. All our Junior pillows are natural Talalay latex so sleep cool, are hypoallergenic, naturally antimicrobial, supportive and ever so comfy with removable covers for easy cleaning.


The Fold your Pillow Over/2 Pillow Sleeper – Many people like to really feel their pillow beneath their heads. They want and need height. Height and firmness go hand in hand so our two high profile pillows are both on the firmer side to maintain that height. If you like a softer-feel, abundant, tall pillow, ‘The High & Soft’ is a winner. Prefer firmer and higher? ‘The High & Firm’ pillow is perfect. Then at the top of our range, the biggest, most sumptuous Talalay latex pillow available in Australia is ‘The King’. Because it so high at 18cm, it must be softer than the High & Soft or it would feel too high. Really big, soft, high, and ever so comfortable – it ticks every box. These are serious, high-profile pillows – great for someone with a big frame or someone who really likes to feel their pillow there.


The All Rounder – There are 2 pillows in our range that will suit almost everybody in Australia. ‘The Classic’ pillow is – as it sounds – a classic and a cracker. Marginally lower, but slightly firmer so it feels the same height is 'The Classic Plus'. It is 10cm longer so it suits pillow huggers and completely fills the pillow case so it looks great on the bed.

Do you suffer from a Sore Neck or Back pain, Allergy, Apnoea, Snoring or Breathing problems?

All natural Talalay latex pillows provide inherent health benefits, but at TLC we have designed a range of specialty pillows to assist with a variety of ailments:


Sore Neck or Back Pain – There are 2 possible reasons for pain after sleep – poor support or poor alignment. Is your pillow the right density and height for your body? Is your pillow keeping your head, neck and spine in alignment during sleep? Is there such a thing as a chiropractic pillow that will alleviate neck or back pain? Physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other health professionals are in general agreement that a good quality pillow that provides enough support in the right places will help sufferers, and a contour style pillow that is highest at the shoulder (as opposed to a traditional shape pillow that is lowest at the shoulder and higher in the middle) will do this best. To this end, TLC introduced a chiro pillow called ‘The Therapeutic’ which quickly became one of our best sellers and suits most people because it is medium height and medium density. Over time our range has been extended to include pillows to suit varying needs, of different heights. They are ‘The Low Therapeutic’ which comes with 2 size options, and ‘The Low & Firm Therapeutic’, which is a very firm specialty pillow.

Traditional shaped pillows can also assist with neck pain so long as they are the correct height and density to suit your needs. Consider the support you are getting from your current pillow – a pillow that is too high or too low for your body shape will contribute to, rather than alleviate, neck pain. 'The Low and Soft', ‘The Low & Medium’, and ‘The Soft’ pillow work beautifully for those with a small frame, just as ‘The High & Soft’ and ‘The High & Firm’ can be miraculous for those with a large frame or broad shoulders. And for the majority we suggest a medium height, medium density like ‘The Classic Plus’ is the best way to go.


Allergy, Asthma & Breathing Problems – There are two types of latex, natural and synthetic. All our latex pillows are NATURAL latex – no chemicals, no oil derivatives, and no finishing treatments. They are tested and certified by Oeko-Tex. A pillow made from pure, natural latex is hypo-allergenic and if produced via the Talalay process has an open cell structure so it can breathe – ideal for allergy sufferers in Australia. Our pillows are inherently anti-microbial, and they are dust mite and mildew resistant. They also inhibit the growth of mould and bacteria. It is a fact that one third of the weight of a 2-year-old polyester fill pillow is made up of dust mites and their excreta, dead skin, bacteria, and microbes – not very healthy! Allergy sufferers of all types are best served with a natural Talalay process latex pillow.

Snoring & Sleep Apnoea – Apart from keeping other family members awake, snoring results in poor quality sleep. Habitual snoring can lead to sleep apnoea, which brings further health problems. To help reduce or even prevent snoring a pillow needs to provide the right support to keep your nose and throat airways open. ‘The Stop Snore pillow’ is designed to provide that support and align your sleep posture for unobstructed breathing. Being natural latex, it is also hypoallergenic which further assists normal breathing during sleep.

All our pillows (except 'The King') will fit into a standard size pillowcase. When it comes to choosing your perfect pillow, for most people it simply comes down to personal preference - if you like a really substantial high profile pillow, go for 'The High & Firm'. If you like a soft, low pillow, 'The Low & Soft' is an obvious choice. Most of our pillows have self-descriptive names. For average feel and height, 'The Classic' and 'The Classic Plus' are easily most popular – and also the best latex pillows for side sleepers. But there are also those who are unsure which traditional shape or contour latex pillow will suit them best and need help. If you require further assistance, call TLC today on 0412100587, or email us at info@tlclatexpillows.com.au – we’re only too happy to help.

Yes – at TLC every pillow in our range is made from 100% natural organic latex. No synthetic latex, no chemicals, no fillers. And the pillow covers are all top quality 100% natural cotton interlock with no need for nasty chemical finishing treatments because natural latex is naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Yes – while not shaped to fit snugly like our cotton pillow covers, it is generally accepted and the norm that standard size and shape pillowcases are used for contour style pillows.

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