Which Quilt To Choose?

Choosing the quilt that is right for you is all about two things - body temperature and quilt weight.

Being too hot or too cold will cause poor sleep that can lead to all sorts of other health issues ranging from chills to sweats to washed-out exhaustion. Quilt weight is a matter of personal preference.


COOLEST - Our coolest quilt is called ‘The Summer’. In Australia warm-blooded folk tend not to need a quilt at all in summer, preferring just a top-sheet or perhaps a cotton blanket. For the rest of us ‘The Summer’ is the way to go. With a fill weight of only 100gsm (50% duck down, 50% small feathers), you wouldn’t think there would be enough feather and down to provide any warmth at all, but this quilt is amazing. Not only will it keep you snug and warm on those clear summer nights when the temperature can really drop just before dawn, but for many people it will be perfectly warm all year round – even when temperatures drop to near zero. As lightweight as you can get for a quilt, ‘The Summer’ has a TOG* rating of 4.5.

MEDIUM - Next up in terms of warmness is ‘The Cosy’. It is our only ‘non-natural’ quilt (filled with superfine polyester fibre) and is included in our range because it is a great all-rounder and represents excellent value for money. Fill weight is 250gsm so it is more than twice as heavy as ‘The Summer’, but ‘The Cosy’ is also a great choice year round in most of Australia, with the same 6.0 TOG* rating.

WARMEST - For winter in the more temperate regions of Australia we have 3 great options – all lovely and warm, but with different fill weights. And this is where personal preference comes into play. Some people prefer warmth without weight – to feel lovely and toasty on a cold winter’s night but feel as though you have less than 2 blankets on top of you. Others feel a lot more snug and cosy and warm with extra weight – for some the heavier the better:

  • The Winter’ quilt has a fill weight of 225gsm and will feel like at least 2 blankets. The fill is 50% duck down and 50% small feathers. This quilt will keep you beautifully snug and warm with a TOG* of 10.5
  • The Ultimate’ quilt is top of our range filled with 80% duck down and 20% small feathers. It is a beautiful gusseted quilt, also with a TOG* of 10.5 providing delicious warmth but without the weight with fill of only 200gsm.
  • The Crestell Wool’ quilt is for people wanting an all-natural product that provides maximum warmth with maximum weight. The washable wool fill is 500gsm and this quilt has a TOG* rating of 13.5

*TOG ratings are mainly used and understood in Europe where ratings range from 4.5 in summer to 13.5 for coldest winters. In much of Australia a TOG of around 6.0 is often referred to as ‘All Seasons’, with 10.0 and up suitable for winter in the more temperate regions.


ENVIRONMENT - Opening or shutting windows and use of air conditioning and fans can assist in ensuring your bedroom is at an ambient temperature to begin with and a good mattress and quality pillow are prerequisites to provide the level of comfort and support required for deep, restful sleep. After that it is your choice of bedding that will make all the difference to the quality of your sleep.

BODY TEMPERATURE - For some people being too hot prevents sleep far more than being a little on the cool side and so when first getting into bed in a warm room they might start off with a lightweight cotton blanket and add a layer as the night gets colder, finding it very easy to quickly drift back to sleep with the extra warmth.

AIR FLOW - It is generally accepted that opening bedroom windows to allow fresh air to circulate during the night is a good thing. In summer in many parts of Australia just a top-sheet or cotton blanket will still keep you perfectly comfortable all night. However, as the night gets longer and chillier a quilt comes into play and for winter it is vital that your quilt keeps you sufficiently snug and warm to help you benefit from a really good night’s sleep.